Monday, August 6, 2012

Use it or loose it...

Over the years I have used things I was given more and more. At one time, I would put precious things away for safe keeping... Now I am more and more determined that I use them.

I figure I'm meant to enjoy it. It's also wonderful to remember the person I got that special something from :)

That is certainly the case with the doily in the picture below. I make sure I don't overwater the plant so that I don't get a stain on it... It's from my Oma. I think it's beautiful. Not just because it has beautiful gold thread in it but because of who it was from. What it represents for me :). Recently, when I rearranged most of the plants in my house, I brought it out of the lounge room and into the kitchen. Right next to the stovetop! I can see it clearly every day now :)

Now that's much better than it hiding somewhere just so it's safe!


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