Sunday, August 26, 2012

Guess which is heavier...

So which egg this morning weighed in at 41g? And which one is 77g? Amazing seeing the difference...

Poor chooky that laid the big one. I think that the beautiful Australorp laid it. She's such a gentle and lovely girl :)



Anonymous said...

Hello Dalinz, my name is Alice and I live in Colorado. I just happened across your blog and love it! I live more specifically in Englewood, we are city folk. We have 14 chickens and unless you have very tiny hands, I have never seen such huge eggs! What types of chooks do you have? I love that you call them chooks. We have Leghorns, Australorps, Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpington, and Ameraucana and a spotted one I can remember the name of. We raise them for the eggs and to educate our daughter about where eggs come from. Not just a carton in a store. Well, thanks again for the great blog. Take care!


Dalinz said...

Hi Alice,

How lovely that you have found your way to my blog :)

Currently we have 15 hens, 1 rooster (Bruce) and 2 pure white Muscovy Ducks... Chooks is a funny word. Must agree... It's slang for Chicken here in Australia :)

We also have Australian Pit Game, Australops, Leghorns. Mostly they are laying hens that are mixed breeds. I am in the process of getting more RIR as we love them here. Love their big size :) Either way we love your chooks and love watching their personalities come out :) We have only named four of the chooks. Tiny is my eldest's favourite. Oh and so is Bella. What am I saying. They are all his favourite. Hehe

No, my hand is a normal size (:)) but the sizes that some of the girls come out with are amazing to say the least... We had been waiting for a while, about six months for them to lay again after going through their molt and now are blessed with around 10 eggs a day. Nothing better than a home grown free range egg. :) :)

Am off to do some watering :) Enjoy your day!