Sunday, August 26, 2012

First time for everything...

So my eldest is a bottomless pit as most teenagers are... Nothing new there.

He asked me just before if he could have some frozen leftovers and make some pasta to go with it... Off course, I said ;)

He took care to turn on the right element on the stove, heated the water and kept coming back to see how the pasta was cooking. He did a really great job. But his eyes were a bit bigger than any of my bowls so he ended up putting his pasta on top of the mince he had defrosted... A layered meal lol.

He was rather chuffed with himself. He even took a small desert fork so that it would last longer lol. Wonder when he'll finish and want more!

At least I know he will be able to do it by himself next time. Love how little by little he is experimenting more and more and not so afraid to have a go :)

Well done, my growing lad!


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