Thursday, August 2, 2012

Changing and decluttering :)

They say change is as good as a holiday...

This last weekend that I had off, I took a few things out of the house that I had been holding onto... The broken candle holders by Jamie Durie for one. It hurt but I did it. They are gone :)

Then I set about rearranging my plants. I have come to finally realise that although I love having plants everywhere and they are great to get rid of VOC's, I really have way too many.

Now realise that even me just admitting this hurts really bad...

Anyway, so now I need to do something with some of these plants... And guess what there are three cottages at work that need more greenery. I'm there at least once a week so will make sure I still get to water them and have a chat :) lol

Am taking them with me on Saturday :) Can't wait!!! Less clutter at home and something beautiful to share with the lovely people I work with :) Win, win!


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