Friday, August 3, 2012


Heard the news reports about how people aren't too worried about the Carbon Tax and how it had not impacted them at this point... We have also not gotten our rates, power bills yet either... People are so here and now. Look to the future, save, so that you're not hung out to dry...

I have always loved the feeling of reading a book by candlelight :) Now with the uncertainty of the Carbon Tax, I use them even more. We now have most of our meals at night like that too :) It's very calming too which is a bonus :)



Barb. said...

Do you make your own? I always mean to and have the bees wax here waiting...still haven't and maybe it's because we don't use then very often.
I can't see well enough to read by them! How many do you use for enough light?


Damaris said...

Hi Barb

I do make my own but these ones were either a gift or bought. Partylite make some lovely smelling candles. The one in the decorative glass container is from my wonderful friend Margaret... Might make some more when I run out of my current lot :)