Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kumquat marmalade...

I had the pleasure of going along with my wonderful friend Margaret to her local special school parent support group luncheon at their local RSL Club. Was great to support them as they had just reopened since being totally flooded out in January 2011. It was great to talk with so many lovely ladies that all had allot in common...

One lady there at one stage offered me her kumquat tree full of ripe fruit. I couldn't refuse ;) Margaret did a great job giving instructions of how to get to Kath's house... So much so we ended up in someone's yard that we still have no clue what their names are. To say the lady and her daughter were shocked at seeing us in their backyard (one was rather annoyed at the two guard dogs as they licked us, not shredded us, as they are supposed to lol) looking for a no existing tree, yep it is an understatement lol. We couldn't stop giggling, it was something you don't think you're ever going to do but here we were...

Anyway, we got to the right house, second time lucky, again let ourselves in, as we had permission this time, and except about 20 or so, we picked the tree clean :)

The smell when cutting up the fruit and when making the marmalade yesterday was... Amazing... The only tedious job was getting the seeds out of the marmalade before it set. Hubby and I scored sore backs out of it and am pretty sure there are still some in there... A little surprise for the receiver lol

I ended up with a heap of bottles that I waterbathed and the clamps come off tonight. I will then date the jars and give most away for Christmas.

One jar is in the fridge for use today already :) I love it though that the airtight jars will last about five years this way :) Love using what I can and making it last as long as possible!!!

My thanks again to the wonderful Kath for her generous donation. And off course to Margaret for getting us to the right house in the end and for helping me pick the tree clean ;)

Wow, what an adventure!!!


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