Thursday, February 11, 2010

Been a busy little Bee...

Have downsized my cup collection. :)

No more overloaded dish draw.

I realise I have two meat tenderisers, one from my Oma and one from my Brother Christian. There was no way either was leaving my house. lol

Order, I love it. :)

All the plastics have a place now...

Lids to be cut up into labels for Russell's Greenhouse. :)

Even found Herbal Tea - exp 1999. Ooops

Today I hid away from the world started out cleaning Timothy's room. He is at Bluecare for the next couple of days and I thought that I would take this opportunity to clear out all his stuff. I am sure he will love the end result. That will hopefully be by end of Monday... I love it all nice, neat and orderly. He likes to take things out, put them down and then you can't touch them again. So they stay there and get very dusty. I realise that it is apart of his Asperger's as many children that I know like him do the same... It is his security thing but drives me mental... But I started sneezing after only getting all the clothes off the floor and bed. So that was the end of that...

So I started on my kitchen and look at what I did... I kept going from one cupboard to another, one draw after another. It was fantastic. Everything is in order. And boy did I declutter. I had collected containers for years and never used them. Out they went in the recylcing. I had lids for whatever reason I have no idea, out they went as well. I got rid of plastic cutlery and paper plates that I will never use and will give them to a family I know is in need of them at the moment as they wait for their house to be completed. A heap of utensils will go to the Maryvale School of Arts Hall as I have no need for them and they are always welcome there. Anyone that knows me, knows I love to collect cups, big ones especially... Well I have downsized and am loving it. I love the space I have left on the shelf. Less really is More... I just need to do my baking dishes, under the sink and one shelf of recipes and then I am completely done. Woohoo... Didn't set out to do that today but am very happy all the same... Enjoy the tour around my kitchen. :)

Cheers Damaris

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