Friday, February 12, 2010

Reaching 100.0KwH and counting...

Just to show you that we really have reached 100KwH. :)

Two days ago we reached it... Woohoo 100KwH from our solar electricity panels. I am very happy, I must say. :)

I watched it click over from 99.9 to the magic 100.0. Was fantastic to watch. Joshua was there with me to celebrate. Happened on Wednesday, our Low Electricity Day. That day we also used... wait for it... -.07KwH. Yep in the minus. Love it, love it, love it.

This stuff really excites me and it is wonderful to see Russell and the boys loving it too. I love bragging about it to locals. Even the Librarian from our Mobile Library is excited about it. I am investigating her options for her at the moment till next time I see her. She wants to know all the ins and outs so that she can also get it done. Now a friend within this community also wants it done. So am investigating for both of them. :)

Can't get better than this. Well I could if I get my meter soon. Then I won't just get back what I put in I will be paid for it more than twice as much. Cool hey?

Cheers Damaris

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