Thursday, October 29, 2009

Adam what have you done???

My Little Helper this week, Adam...

All of this week, I have had a friend of mine stay with me. Adam got here on Sunday night just in time to say good-night to Russell and then Russell was off Monday morning 4am as usual. I have loved the way he has just fitted in and adapted so easily. He is soooo understanding of Timothy as well and is a great friend for Joshua as well. He has a heart of gold and I am so proud to have him in our family's life.
Since then Adam has done 7 loads of washing, numerous dishes, cooked dinner twice, swept floors, vacuumed my house and mopped the whole house. He even did my windows for me...

He has been so generous with his help and I could not have asked for a more lovely friend to help me out when my hand has been so out of action. And trust me he didn't let me get away with anything.

Last night he made Pate, from Chicken Liver which now just needs blending and mixing with Creme Cheese and putting into containers. I will use some of it for Christmas presents I think.

Yes I have been very blessed this week. I have been very spoiled that is for sure and there is more to come. On Saturday he is taking Joshua out for a movie and as Timothy will be in respite for the weekend, Russell and I will be able to have some Couple Time. Tomorrow night also he is doing a mud mask on me as well as giving my feet a massage. He is truly very thoughtful and very giving. That I think you have already guessed. :) If only I could keep him...

Cheers Damaris

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Uncle Addy said...

Thank you D, I had such a lovely time with u and the family!i hope ur wrist loves me too. I have adopted. Josh as my little brother which is fab! Looking forward to many more holidays at Chateau Hansen in the future.

Port Macquaries us lovely, went for excercise walk along the river and town neach this morning. No luck with Melb Cup but had champers and fresh shucked oysters - yum!!!

Hugs to you and the family - c u in 3 weeks