Thursday, October 8, 2009

Renewing the Soul...

Queen Mary Falls
My friend being silly...

This week I have been truly blessed by an old friend coming and visiting since Monday lunch. She has been in my life for about 13 years now and she was spending some of her precious time with me.

Needless to say I cracked the whip and got her to help me out where I couldn't do things. No that is not what happened at all. I am always ready to help others but one thing that I don't do very well is accept help from others. I always feel that there are others out there that need it more. Well having my hand in a splint, due to overworking the hand last week and getting in trouble from the surgeon last Friday, taught me that I do need to accept help when it is offered.

And that is one thing that my friend is really good at. She loves to help. I am very blessed to have her in my life. I truly am. She has hung out washing and brought it all back in, she has done dishes, fed animals and helped the boys with theirs. I am very blessed. I know I have said that already but I am. I am thankful to her for showing me that I am blessing her with accepting her help and that when it is given with love it is a beautiful thing. Today she tackles my fridge. Good luck with that. lol

She has been visiting the Gap while here and did all the walks on Tuesday and then had lunch at Fisher Park Truck Stop with my boss. Again they had something to talk about as they both knew me... Hmmmm wonder should my ears have been burning????

Yesterday, I saw the kids off to school and then with my friend we drove to the Killarney Falls and Queen Mary Falls. Oh what a day. It was so nice to just walk along the track and take in the beautiful breezes as well as the views. My friend kept running off ahead of me but I was happy to take it easy and just enjoy. I don't get the chance to just walk very often, just for the heck of it so I was taking advantage of it all. Saw some lizards along the way as well. We took some pictures and I hope you enjoy my day with my very special friend.

Cheers Damaris

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