Friday, October 23, 2009

Just plodding along...

Bailey keeping me company while I was feeling sad earlier this week...

It is now our third day without the cows and things are slowly going back to the way things were before. The front gate is still open and nothing has escaped. lol

The kids don't like to talk about them and neither do I. I have found out through email that they all arrived safely at Magrita Dexter Stud and that they are settling in very well. I was really glad to hear that.

We have now moved the bales of leftover hay out of the shed so that we can make a start on the cubby for the boys. The leftover bales will be used around the gardens and also help set up our new veggie gardens. They will certainly come in handy that is for sure. We are moving the veggie gardens down beside the shed at this point. We are starting with just one bed of 1.2m x 2.4m. It is rather late in the spring season now to start too much all at once. This way we can get some crops in and start from scratch really.

We are investigating about getting a hothouse and shade house as well. They will probably go down the side of the eastern side of the house so that the westerly sun in the afternoon doesn't hit it. They will not go against the house though rather against the retaining wall that goes down the whole length of that side of the house and then some.

Being inside the house area will also ensure that they don't get pecked at by the chooks. The fence around the veggie garden will be going up soon too to ensure hares, wallabies and chooks don't get anything before us humans do. lol

It has been a rather sad week for us here but you know what, things are looking up. We are making tracks on our plans to be self reliant and that is what is really important to us as a family. We all want this to work, not just Russell and myself.

So this weekend we are off to the Toowoomba Gem Fest. Timothy has been looking forward to it off course. Then Adam, a friend from Brisbane is staying from Sunday for a whole week. Can't wait for that either.

I joined Simple Savings a while ago now and just recently joined Flylady. Boy am I glad I did. I love her. Simple Savings has been a wealth of information for me and has helped me with things like: Monthly Meal Planner, decluttering, being more organised, cleaning more greener... The flylady has done her bit with her 15 minutes a day doing particular tasks. It has been fantastic and now I love to shine my sink. hehe

Anyway am off to put some washing away that my lovely husband brought in for me before the thunderstorm got too close, not that it came as it is now silent and still hot... Here is hoping. :)

Cheers Damaris


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Hi Damaris,
Good to hear that you are moving on - the idea of one veggie bed at a time is one I would encourage too, sometimes we can get a bit too enthusiastic and then it all becomes too much work or we realize that we put the beds in the wrong place - which is why I have one defunct vegetable garden too far from the house and one flourishing set of raised beds close to the house! Are you copping the rain from this big weather system up there? - we are finally and my tanks, gardens and fruit trees are very appreciative! As am I - we almost had to buy in water.

Damaris said...

Hi Ann,

Yes one at a time is the way we want to do it as well and do it right. We got our rain late yesterday afternoon and are very thankful for it. It has been pouring all night and is still going. My tanks should be full soon. Buying water is not something I want to ever have to do but it is good to have that option in the end. We still have about 30000 litres of house water so going well. The new vegie garden will appreciate this water too as the shrubs that I have planted in the backyard. Don't know what the lettuce is thinking about it all at the moment though...

Cheers Damaris