Saturday, October 31, 2009

A wonderful week coming to a close...

The view from our table...left side
Right side... just beautiful...

As I have written before my friend Adam has been staying with us all of this week. That comes to an end unfortunately tonight...

Yesterday, Russell, Adam and I went to Queen Mary Falls just past Killarney near the NSW border. We did the 2km round walk taking lots of photos. Russell took some beautiful ones. We have new screen savers now. :) As it had been raining there earlier in the week things looked allot greener then when I was there a few weeks ago with Angela so that difference was really lovely to see.

After our walk we went past the falls and kept driving another 7km to the Spring Creek Lodges and Cafe. What a wonderful view! I was amazed at how close to the edge we could sit. The restaurant was built so that you could see it all. What an amazing achievement. It was wonderful to sit down there. The view, oh soooo refreshing for the soul.

We were only going to have the Traditional Devonshire Tea there but Russell and I ended up taking Adam out for lunch. We all agreed that it was wonderful food and will be back. Adam even mentioned taking his mum there as she would love it there, not just for the wonderful food but for that spectacular view.

We were also very fortunate that it was overcast so we could see it all. Had the sun been out we would have cooked and would possibly not have sat so close to the edge. But it was cloudy and we enjoyed it all.

Coming home was a lovely drive in Adam's hybrid car. Her name is Pippa. I loved watching the gauge to see when the electric battery was fully charged. Rather addictive... :) We ended up finishing the night with a couple of games of Canasta. Have not played that in a long time and was great to do. Off course I lost big time... The boys beat the pants off me, figuratively speaking.

It truly has been an absolute pleasure to have Adam here this week. I am currently so relaxed and know that I have him to thank for that.

This morning he took Joshua to the movies in Toowoomba to see 'Astro Boy'. Timothy is in respite with Bluecare this weekend and will be home tomorrow afternoon. Russell and I took this opportunity to plant out some plants that I had kindly been given by my youngest brother and his lovely wife. They were getting rid of a whole heap of Mulberry trees and I got to get one. Other lovely bushes with flowers and grasses were also donated. Thank you again Chris and Mary.

We are still looking at our options for green and shade houses. We have realised, finally, that we also need a shed for tools that are kept outside. The weather is taking its toll on them and this way we don't have things blowing all over the property when it gets windy, which is alot around here.

I also watered our orchard this morning and found that most of what Sausage and Chloe and the hares and wallabies have been chewing on has still some shoots on it. The fig is doing exceptionally well. Both apples are with shoots, same with the fijoa. I did lose an olive tree and the Mango tree which I am not happy about. Will have to replace those. But all in all not bad.

Russell and I had decided that when we first got here that we gave ourselves five years to get things going well. Well that timeline has started again from when the cows left really. So from now we still have our five years. Forget the last two. Shame about that but better going forward then dreaming of something that is not real.

So for the next year we are going to be planting like mad and ensuring that everything gets water when it needs it. I even have it in my diary so I don't forget. That will give everything a good fighting chance.

Off now to enjoy some more time with Russell before Joshua and Adam get back. lol

Cheers Damaris

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