Saturday, November 7, 2009

Frogs here, Frogs there, Frogs Everywhere...

Joshua being cheeky :)

Over the last week the boys and I knew that the weather was going to turn wet very soon. :) We had 36 and 39 degree temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday and then on Thursday 36 degrees again. Kids were not happy to be at school really. Very hot days for them. No real build up in temperature just mid 20's for weeks before and then such a change. Bit much to take. Would have been hard for allot of elderly around here as well. But at least we don't get the humidity that Brisbane has. The Gap stops that, thank goodness.

At night though when shutting the fowl in we always use a torch as it is already dark at 6:45pm. When we come along the side of the house we always eagerly look to see if there are any frogs about. This week we have been seeing two or three a night on one side of the house alone. We know when we will see them as we hear them from inside before we even go out.

Love the croaking... Joshua off course wants to take a photo of every one of them and have taken photos of some of them this week for him.

The are very good indicators for rain I think. Thursday afternoon soon after the kids were home from school we got a huge hail storm. Hail was fist size to start with and then over an hour period the size reduced from that to 20c pieces. Our cars are not happy, let me say that. You can even see on Brad (my car) where the chunks of ice have hit the windscreen. Was going to get that replaced anyway as with our car insurance you get a free one every year without having to pay the excess. On the bonnet and roof there are probably about 20 dints. Russell says that there goes at least $5000 in resale value. I would like to get it fixed if possible. Who said that Brad was going anywhere anyway :)

We got about 30mm of rain during that night and more yesterday. We have about 8-10cm of room left in both our tanks and then they are totally full. Thank God!!! We are very blessed to have been so frugal with water in the first place but for the water to come down and fill up so much is a true blessing.

Off course the frogs loved the wet and we found them even on the ground hopping around. Cute really... Ducks and geese have also been having a field day.

We are due to have more rain today which is wonderful for the land here, it needs it so badly. Plus my tanks still have a little room. :)

Cheers Damaris


Emma said...

I have been watching the weather radar and thinking about how much rain you were getting up there. It's been humid in Brisbane, but sadly we only got a few mls of actual precipitation. Love the frogs!

Hear Mum Roar said...

What beautiful pics of the frogs! It's been hot and humid here at Sydney...

That's a shame about the car. You sound like you are being very positive about it, though!

Damaris said...

Yes the frogs are lovely. Love to hear them as well. Especially in chorus. lol

About the car there is not much I can do. At least there is not as much damage as could have been. One of the teachers at my boys' school had dint city on top of hers. It was terrible to see. She was devastated as you can imagine.

Had a little more light rain today but should be getting more tonight and tomorrow hopefully...

Cheers Damaris