Friday, November 6, 2009

Pig and Calf Experience...

Timothy in heaven, holding a baby...

On Wednesday, Timothy needed to go to the Dental Van in the morning and before that we took three of our roosters to the Pig and Calf in Warwick. It is a place to go to every Wednesday to sell your fowl, pigs, calves, lambs and goats. You can also get all sorts of trash and treasure there as well as the fruit and veg shopping as well as the odd plants. The ice cream truck is there every week as well.

Well took Timothy with me and he was rather sad at seeing the roosters go but we have just too many of them. I said that they would like being on a new farm with lots of girls to jump. lol
While there, we found some lambs. Timothy asked to hold one and was allowed to. He got to hold the youngest one there. It was a week old and loved sucking on his fingers. Even sucked his nose. It was so cute. Had I had my PIC number with me I would have gotten her I reckon. Russell was not happy to hear that.

She was suck a sook. He held her for quite a while and afterwards pronounced that he would not be washing his hands as the feeling had been so nice of her sucking. Needless to say he did... :)

The thing is that they are cute and young for a little while and then they grow up but she really had the cutest face you have ever seen.

Cheers Damaris

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