Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nanna nap and Dinner time...

Yummy dinner....

When Russell came home last Wednesday night he also brought home his mum with him. I love having her stay over as she gets to be apart of our everyday life. She also gets to see us and the kids and we love having her in our lives. Doesn't happen often enough but when it does it is wonderful.

During this last stay she crochet allot, watched Russell and I starting on the cubbyhouse just to name a couple of things. I also enjoyed many cups of coffee with her as well. She got an insight to how things are as last time she was here was Easter this year. I think she was amazed at the change with the added testosterone in the house. I just hope she was not too traumatised by the whole visit. lol

When she comes to stay we make full use of the futon as we don't have a spare room in this house. This means that off course the dogs are going to take full use of that as well. Mum loves having the dogs with her as they keep her company as well as warm. Both are winners in the end as they love her company as well.

Dinner that particular night was Fleischleiberl. That is German for Meat Paddies but I do things like my Grandmother taught me on her many visits from Austria. I add all sorts of things into it and it ends up being moist and delish. Don't ask for the receipe as it is a bit of this and a bit of that. Mostly go by feel and that is just the way I like to cook. I can then substitute as well which is great and I don't feel so restricted in what I add.

Dinner was a yummy affair and Mum loved to watch me over the weekend as she likes to see how I cook and bake in comparison as she used to. Think that was an eye opener as well.

We have kidnapped her for Christmas this year already so will be looking forward to see her again in a short period of time.

Cheers Damaris

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