Friday, December 24, 2010

Celebrating Christmas with Friends...

Dylan and Joshua...

Beautiful spirited James...

Determined blowing Timothy. lol

Two great friends and their wonderful kids :)

My present from Margaret, she knows me very well :)

Went to Brisbane yesterday to see my Doctor. I only see her when I really need to now as she is 1.5hrs away from me but oh she is sooooo worth it. :)

So while I was seeing her at 3pm I made sure that I was able to see my dear friend Margaret and her boys Dylan and James (as well as housemate Ken). We ended up spending just over four hours there and oh we had so much fun.

I love talking to her on the phone but it is nothing like seeing her face. I love that girl. :) She makes my heart sing. Over the years we have been through allot and one thing that is always a reassurance for me is that she is there for me if I need her to be. :) I love her dearly and her two boys as well. :)

Thanks again Margaret for a lovely time. :)

Cheers Damaris

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