Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dermal Piercing... Redone :)

Little new addition :)

The other one that I had done in June had to come out. That sorry story I have told before. Well last Saturday I just happen to be in Toowoomba so off to Cosmetics Plus I went and Jo took care of me. :)

She did a fantastic job... She put it right where the old one was. This time it did hurt just a little more than the paper cut of the other one but boy was she good. :) :) Very happy with the end result.

I have not bruised and I have not had any redness at all. There is a little dried up blood still around the wound off course as it is very early days. There doesn't look to be any signs of rejection either. Yay!!!

So at this point in time am very happy with it and will keep on putting on the Band-aid so that I remember it is there. No more knocking it and it half ripping out... :(

Cheers Damaris

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