Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Joshua and his Diabolo tricks...

What a cutie :)

'Arm with one'

'Gaining speed'




'2 Diabolos'
Ready for '2 Diabolos' move


He has been practicing very hard. He has put on shows for the family here and he is taking it on the road... Nearly :) I love it how he explains each move too. So clever...

Tomorrow we have Barbara come out to our home for the day and he is putting on a show just for her. Then when we go and celebrate Christmas with Russell's family on Saturday he is also putting on a show. :) Then on Christmas Day he is doing it again for my side of the family...

He has been practicing so much and is getting sooooo good. Well done darling :) The pictures above are some of his moves. :) :) :)

Cheers Damaris

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