Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Get Together...

Joshua doing his Diabolo show for everyone :)

Family watching Joshua intently :)

Mum taking in her family :)

Russell, Victor, Alison and Mum, Her three kids :)

Timothy, Mum and Joshua :)

Joshua and Uncle Bob mucking around :)

Yesterday was Russell's family's Christmas get together...

We only see most of them once a year and was nice to see them all in one go :)

Russell's sister Alison is getting a new car soon and said she would come up and see us. Can't wait to see her as I love to spend time with her... Oh and the car too. lol

Few things have changed this year in every one's lives and was nice to see Jason's kids growing up and getting taller... People said the same about Timothy and Joshua as well. :)

Loved watching Russell's mum sitting at the table and listening to the conversations going on. Think she might have been in her element... Was also a great opportunity to get some family photos done. :)

After my Brother in law and his wife move into their new home, Mum said that she would like to come and stay with us for a week. The boys and I can't wait. :)

Was soooo lovely to see everyone. :)

Cheers Damaris

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Nik said...

Beautiful Photos. Everyone looks so happy :) Now i want to see photos of the food ha ha I LOVE christmas food!!!