Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pool time :)

Indoor swimming area...

Timothy in the foreground...

My busy day while they were swimming...

Joshua's hands at the end... :)

Chilling at Lesley Park :)

Yesterday the boys and I had to venture into town. Must say I don't like to at this time of year as it is madhouse wherever you end up going. I had a 9am appointment with the Optometrist though so had no problem getting a park. Even undercover. :)

After our appointment had to get a couple of things and then we spent a good 4.5 hours in the pool. Our local pool in heated and under cover. Run by the Council and very, very cheap. Boys cost me $3.20 to get in :) :) Gotta love that price. :) They have it all there... Normal size pool for laps and diving, rapids, baby wading area, deeper pool but not diving depth and a huge spa. :) Needless to say the boys had a ball combing the whole area, many times. There were nowhere near as many people there as I thought there would be. Then again most probably were shopping. :) Good for us either way. :)

They had a ball in the water and I stayed out as I have just had my piercing done and has not completely healed as yet. So with some Scratchies that I scored from Russell's Mum for Christmas on the weekend... I cashed them in ($17) and got myself an Earth Garden Magazine. My winnings also paid for the boys to go swimming. :)

I sat there happily watching them from the Cafe area which has huge glass panels so you can see the pool area but without all the horrible chlorine smell... Was very happy about that. :)

Joshua made a new friend, Cooper and we hope to see him after Christmas. :)

In the end the boys were soooo wrinkly that even the tops of their feet looked like 'old man's feet'. Was very funny to see...

We also spent some time at Lesley Park which was nice. Was nice to sit in the sun... The shade was rather chilly. :)

After that we went and got milk on the way home and got home just before 4:30pm. Long day but the boys had a ball and were rightly exhausted... Not much arguing went on that night. hehe

Another fantastic thing that happened yesterday also was that our 6 little solar panels produced 8 kWh and 6 of those went into the Grid. Gotta be happy about that :) :) :)

Cheers Damaris

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