Friday, May 25, 2012

Dinner date...

Russell and I don't get out on our own at night... Not since Tim was born...

So last Wednesday we took the chance and grabbed it with both hands. I got done up and even had lipstick on (shock, horror!) Russell dressed up too ;)

The boys stayed home by themselves and behaved well I must say. Tim at one stage, for reasons unknown, thought we were not coming home till the next day so iMessaged me as to what he was to do about his medication... Poor sweetie. Put him at ease when I told him we would be home about 8:30pm. No need for him to worry at all. We weren't going to be out that long... Lol

I must say it was a lovely evening. The house Cooinda that Tim stays in for respite in Warwick was having a special dinner, just because. Just to get people together. BlueCare got special funding for the night from Commonwealth Respite which is just so wonderful. There was lots of chatter, food and laughter. The Cooinda Choir also performed ;) Was wonderful to catch up with old faces too :)

Tim was asleep when we for home, Josh came out of his room to say good night. Yes indeed... It had been just that ;)

Cheers Damaris

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