Friday, May 4, 2012

New phone... No electricity usage :)

A lovely friend of mine, Lisa, gave me a phone a few years ago. It needs charging though...

Tried to get the batteries replaced and they aren't on the market anymore... Was going to try eBay but couldn't walk past this $4.95 cutie of a phone... Got the 8m long lead for $9.05 instead of $19.95 :)

$14 and I have a brand new phone. Means I can't lose it as it's attached. Also means if we lose power we still have a phone to make and get calls with.

Must say I was surprised at the decent quality. I know Dick Smith in Warwick were getting rid of the last three but there's no crackling or line dropping like with normal cheap phones :) I'm impressed :)

So with this phone I can hold it between my shoulder and neck and I won't be pressing any buttons ;) This is an old style retro phone too as it even has the lip on top of the base to balance your phone while you get the right person for the call... Very cool! Haven't seen that feature in years!

Sounds great too. You can't ignore it which is good as usually it rings when we are outside and couldn't even hear the other phones we used to have. Think I will be very, very happy with it... Especially seeing it doesn't use electricity hehe!

Cheers Damaris

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