Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mother's Day... Early...

I'm working all day on the actual Mother's Day next Sunday, so it was decided that I get to celebrate my day a week early seeing this is my weekend off :)

Got woken up at a decent hour... Lovely not to be the crack of dawn seeing we had 2.2 degrees at 6am.

Russell and the boys wrote a lovely card for me :) I had asked Russell just for a poem as he is ever so talented in that area... I will bind all of my poems together one day! There are so many of them from over the years...

I did get another surprise... A four point bed massager :) Works wonders on my lower back and knee :) Has four settings and cycles if you want it to as well. And it's smart enough to turn itself off after half a hour, if you happen to fall asleep ;)

Had my first coffee ever made for myself today by Josh and it tasted perfectly :)

Solar oven is also busy right now baking muffins and cakes... Yummy!!!

Other than that it's a quiet day here, much the same as we like it on my weekends off as we only get one a month! I'm very blessed to have such a wonderful job and such a supportive family too... Couldn't do it without them :)

Cheers Damaris

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