Monday, May 28, 2012

Three new Babies...

Today I picked up my three new babies... All are Leghorns. The blue grey girl I have called Bella :) She is mine. I hope she becomes a great friend for Floppy! The spotted ones are also so cute. Tim has already bagged one :)

I love instantly falling in love with the chickens we get and then watching their beautiful personalities come out :)

Can't wait to let them out of their relocation cage to see how they fit in with the others... Finally I have my 20! 16 chooks, 1 rooster and 3 ducks :)

Now let's hope they stop moulting and get laying :) So sick of buying eggs...

There are a couple inbreds I was given once as well as some non purebred chooks that will eventually end up in the stew... I want to concentrate on the pure and exotic... Help keep breeds alive :) Just like with seed saving and collecting :)

Cheers Damaris

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