Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It is finally done...

Love my new look cupboard...

I have three linen cupboards... Two are actually used for linen and the other holds all sorts of bits and pieces. From spare tissue boxes to my hammer and needle and thread for hand sowing...

I needed to rearrange it and get it more flowing as it was in a bit of a pickle. So after procrastinating for the last six weeks about getting it done... I finally got it done yesterday. And what a relief it was so nice to see it finished. I went to bed last night with a huge boulder off my shoulders that is for sure.

There is nothing wrong with me keeping at myself to get it done I realise that but when I keep saying to myself I am going to get it done this week and don't do it... well it just gets me down after a while. To take it all out, sort, throw out stuff and donate a whole heap more and then rearrange and put it all back together took about four hours. Four hours well spent in my books. I love going in there now. :)

Joshua is finding it all strange too as he went there yesterday afternoon to get a pencil so that he could do his homework. Never mind he will get used it being there and not on the butchers block. I want to keep that free from clutter so in the cupboard in a neat box it goes.

I love it all nice and neat. Tidy is what I love and crave so that is what it will be :) Amazing the amount of things I found that I had no idea I had. I found two containers of Borax of all things. I had been looking everywhere to make some more homemade soap and there the last ingredient was all along. Amazing what you find when you tidy up :)

Cheers Damaris

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