Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's nearly Christmas time :)

We are nearly ready for Christmas :)

When I did that closet the other day I also came across allot of presents that I had stored since the last Christmas sales. I don't believe in paying full price for something that I can get for half price or less. :) Allot of the gifts this year are also homemade by myself. I love the personal touch and know the recipients will too. :)

One of the three drawers that I have at the bottom of the closet is for the presents. Well it was so full that I couldn't close the lid on it so ended up covering all the presents that I had and put them in stacks... One for Russell's Family, one for mine and one for Friends. Am only missing a couple on either side and I am d.o.n.e.

Feels great as I have not been this ready in many years. Usually I am done by November, well and truly before the mad pre Christmas rush. I try very hard to stay away from the shops as much as I can so this is certainly helping.

Now to complete my handmade Christmas cards and get them sealed... Another day I think :)

Cheers Damaris

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