Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ladies Group, Here :)

Vicky, Bec, Kathy and Merryl...

Sharon and Caron...

On a Friday I would normally pack myself off to Sharon's place for Ladies Group... Yesterday they came to me... Most didn't get lost, only one car load did. lol When Kathy and Caron finally got to my front door they were chanting: "I've been everywhere man :)"

So we had a lovely catch up... We sang, we prayed, we shared testimonies, we ate (Allot) and drank lots of coffee and tea. Bec and I even ended up playing a game of pool :)

All in all by the end of it I was exhausted as stayed on my leg too much of the day. By the time I realised and sat down it was already aching but have had a good night's sleep so all good this morning. :)

I felt so blessed these ladies coming out all this way. Thank you again for coming out. :) Had a great time :)

Cheers Damaris

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