Friday, August 20, 2010

Timothy cooked Dinner :)

Last night's dinner made all by Timothy, was Yummy :)

Timothy had cooking at school again yesterday... Last week we blessed our neighbour with what he made at school. This week I wanted to make sure we could eat it. lol

I spoke to his school teacher and she said that he could make whatever we wanted to eat that night. Yay I thought, how wonderful is that. So we got ingredients ready for failsafe dinner that he would be making... I tried to keep it easy so we chose:

Chicken Nuggets and French Fries...

He complained when he got home that peeling the potatoes had been a pain. I thought that would be the case as his muscles for fine motor skills are not very good. It was very strenuous he said. But he did it. I had already cut up the chicken into pieces. I gave him rice crumbs for coating as well. His teacher asked where I got the rice crumbs from... hmmm the Thermomix :) :) All I do is put in brown rice and put Bimby to work on Level 10 for about 40 seconds and there you have it. :) Very, very fine rice crumbs... Love that Thermomix.

Along with all the ingredients, I also sent new instructions that were easy step by step so that he knew what to do when...

The end result was a very yummy dinner :) I am very grateful to his teacher that we could change the recipe so that we could eat his creation for dinner. :) That teacher Rocks :)

Cheers Damaris

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