Friday, June 19, 2009

And more hospital visits...

Timothy's leftover scarring from his pins.

Russell, Timothy and I have just come back from Toowoomba Base Hospital from his check up. He had X-rays done on his right arm to see how it was mending.

We saw the Doctor and he said that while it was healing and mending ok it was not a great heal. When he asked Timothy to perform certain movements with his right arm he could only do about 1/2 of them. In the end he said that though they don't normally send children to get physiotherapy for broken arms in this case he was wanting it to happen.

We are now waiting to hear from Warwick Hospital to see about an appointment with the physio there. The one at the Toowoomba Base Hospital was so nice. She rang for us to arrange an appointment. They needed the referral from the hospital first and that is what she ended up faxing through for us. She really did all she could and more.

I truly feel that God is looking after our little boy's arm. Everyone that has been involved with Timothy has been so kind and gentle with him.

We have another appointment in six weeks to see how the physiotherapy has been going and until then he is out of his sling, which he is very happy about. He still can't play contact sport off course but he doesn't mind that anyway as he is not into any of those sports.

He is just so happy to be able to go back to the Lapidary Club. Come Wednesday after school, that is where we will be. :)

Cheers Damaris

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