Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No Technology Mondays...

Must admit I really enjoy Mondays. The boys are both finding it hard during the holidays to start with but yesterday they coped just fine.

Let me explain what I mean by No Technology Mondays... That means that we don't have DVD's, DS, Computer, Wii, etc on during that 24 hours. It is not turned on at the wall and therefore is not using any ghost power either. This now gets them off the thought of winning that next battle or what is on that DVD. TV is not a problem for us as we don't have it. No reception with all the mountains around us. The boys only sometimes miss it and I don't at all.

So when they are not focused on their games, they are more able to interact with one another. From Day 1 it has been a problem for Joshua who loves to play with someone to have Timothy not interacting with him. Very Asperger's. This was a way for me to take out the clutter from our day and get them concentrating on each other and to be more inclusive. So far it is really working well.

Usually in the morning over breakfast they will decide what they are going to play. For a while now it has been Lego. They love it and I will be getting more shortly. Just have to save up the money for it. It is rather expensive, even on eBay. They will also play Pool. We got the table early last year as I didn't want them down at the local Pub all the time asking to play there and it costs money on top of that. So we have a proper size pool table at home and they play whenever they want, on their own, in groups and with friends.

The sandpit, which is just a pile of soil that was so go under our grass seeds for inside the fenced house area is also always an option. They also love to interact with the animals. That can take up a heap of time. Or they are chasing mice to kill. You name it, it is there for the taking and they do that very well.

I took yesterday's photo and posted it here for you to see just how much things have changed with the boys. They sometimes whine about the day but I just wait for the "I am bored" sentence and they know that that will mean chores or doing extra things for their pocket money. I don't like those words. Visitors are treated the same... So watch out there are plenty of things for me to get you to do.

It is so quiet on these days, I love it. I sometimes have music on. Yesterday I was playing a Russell Watson CD that I borrowed from the Library. They boys loved it so much that I ended up playing it through twice.

Here is to many more No Technology Mondays...
Cheers Damaris

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a 'no technology' day. Fantastic.