Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Bathroom...

My two-way Bathroom

In my last house we had an ensuite in our house. This was not to be in this one as I didn't want to have to clean two bathrooms. What we did instead was have the main toilet on its own. Then next to that we put the bathroom which as a shower in with the bath. Saves alot of room that way, and plumbing.

I still wanted my own toilet as the boys are getting bigger and have their friends over and frankly I didn't want to share with them... How picky is that.

Well I ended up with a toilet in the bathroom. There is plenty of room for all and the bathroom vanity has enough room for all the usual on top and underneath. There is even room for a couple of plants.

When choosing the tiles Russell had a go. He has never done it before and really wanted to choose the Toilet and Bathroom tiles. I was a little dubious I must admit but in the end he did a really great job. It is a cool blue and the tiles around the bath and shower area are classic white.
One other thing that was different from building this house to the other two was that this house had ceramic toilet seats, bowls and lids. How great was that. I always hated the plastic and these ones are sooo much easier to keep clean.

I just spent the last two days and one night away in Brisbane with a friend at another friend's place and it is amazing how different the plumbing makeup of that house is. It was built in the 70's. Lovely and big, but the water wastage is horrifying. The flush just keeps gushing water. The shower was not water saving either and the pressure was amazing. Water gushing into the sink. My friend is renting and had previously asked to have these all changed but the owners won't. What a shame. They could save so much water.

It is not just us rural folk that have to watch out about water usage. Yes we are on tank water but the city water doesn't have an endless supply either. Just because you can't see the water doesn't mean that it is always going to be there.

I really love our bathroom setup and really believe what they say. 'You need to build three times before you get it right.' How true...

Cheers Damaris


Anonymous said...

Hi D, you make me sound like a wastefull city boi - even though I lived around the corner from you! I am very aware of my water usage, but the cost to retrofit a toilet in a rental house is exhorbitant!
You will be pleased to know that the main shower head has been replaced with an energy saver head (similar to mine in the ensuite). The real estate agent is inspecting tomorrow and I have left a request for the toilet changes but we will see. I like your idea of the brick in the dunny cystern, so I will do that this weekend.
Was great to have you here :)
Still love me?
Adam xoxo

Damaris said...

I certainly didn't intend to do that at all. I was trying to state just how much you are trying to do and how wonderful that was. I also think that even though houses may be old that there should be something in place rules wise so that all people are doing the 'right thing'. Please don't be upset with me I did not intend that whatsoever.

Off course I will always still love you. :) xo

John said...

The bathroom looks great! I love the bath shower, it reminds me of this Steam Shower I have on my wish list.

Damaris said...

Wow that Steam Shower looks great. Good luck with that wish list of yours, John.

Cheers Damaris