Saturday, June 27, 2009

No Kids...

Oh What a beautiful day... Not weather wise I assure you. There are nothing but clouds in the sky, tanks are overflowing from the rain we got last night and there are muddy puddles around the place again. At least the wind has died down a little.
No, it is a beautiful day because Timothy is in respite since last night. He was really looking forward to it and really excited to be going which I am most thankful for. Joshua is off to a friend's place just after lunch today till the afternoon sometime tomorrow. He is sooo looking forward to that. He always loves it there. The people are lovely and he has a ball with their boy.
Then, early this afternoon, Russell and I are off to Brisbane, as adults, without kids, on our own. Need I say more. How fun is that. I don't know if we have ever done this... No we haven't.
Well I am so looking forward to it. We were to stay over in Brisbane for the night but now can't do this. We will be back later tonight so that we can again sleep on our lovely new mattress that Russell picked up yesterday. Yes, it is wonderful and have just gotten out of it.
Lorray is being milked late today as I will not be able to tonight. This will see her through and in not too much discomfort. She will need milking in the morning too... Had forgotten about her when I had accepted the lovely gesture of staying the night. Oops.
So this also means that tomorrow morning we are at home, with not a child in sight. We are soooo sleeping in. Oh the bliss of my new mattress. With my new bed covers off course. :)
So on that note, I must get off the computer and get onto milking my lovely girl. She is waiting at the shed for me, Russell has just told me. Then I need to get a couple of things ready for Joshua's sleepover and then we are off for the afternoon and evening.
Hope you enjoy your weekend.
Cheers Damaris

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