Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just another Day...

A rainy view out the front door. Bit how I feel at the moment...

Today, I must admit, I am feeling a little flat. I don't really know why just that I feel a little bit down for some reason. This week has been the last week of this school term and have also been working yesterday and today and will be there again tomorrow.

Getting home and seeing the place needing sweeping and beds needing making... I know these things need to be done but today I just can't be bothered. Do you have days like that? I do sometimes. Usually I make my bed as soon as I get up. It doesn't even have a chance to get cold. I like a made bed and like to walk into my room knowing it is done.

Swept floors are also important to me. I like to have them without the little crusher dust pebbles that so easily make it into the house. Especially when we have had a few days of rain. Mud is also easily traipsed in and even mats around the house doesn't stop the spread.

Russell is coming home tonight and I want it all nice and neat for him, having his dinner ready for when he walks in the door. He has had a full week at work, doing extra hours so that he can have and extra day off every three weeks or so. It must be very hard for him to stay away from us three nights a week. I try my best to not burden him with the little things that go here as he doesn't need the hassle. But I am tired. Tired as it is the end of school term and worried a little of what the holidays will bring.

Tomorrow I get my new mattress as long as the rain holds off... Timothy is off to respite at Bluecare tomorrow after school till Sunday afternoon. He is looking forward to his stay. I am glad as previously he didn't want to go back. It is nice to have that two night break every four months or so. Joshua is at a friend's place on Saturday and Russell and I are off to Brisbane for a housewarming. I am really looking forward to it. One night away without kids. That just doesn't happen.

We have some things planned for the holidays and are not going overboard with going to far and distant places, which I am glad about. I don't like to go too far. Much rather be a recluse and stay home. Hope I get to do that a bit. Will also mean no work for two weeks which will be strange. Love feeding those truckies...

Well here is to a better night sleep than I had last night and a brighter outlook. Will try and be a bit more cheery next time, promise. :)

Cheers Damaris

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Ann at eightacresofeden said...

It has been a while since the sun came out here, so much rain and very cloudy days and I have to say I do notice I do not feel as upbeat on these gloomy days. I actually dusted off my sewing machine today and used some of my lace and trim collection to jazz up some of the twins' denim skirts. I am not an accomplished sewer but I am pleased with the results. I'm even thinking of posting some pictures of my efforts next week. This little act of creative expression cheered me up no end as I feel I achieved something today! Hope you enjoy your trip to Brisbane; although I'm a homebody too, I find sometimes just a change of scenery helps too.