Friday, June 12, 2009

What is in your Pantry?

My lovely pantry

One thing that I made sure when we built out home this time was that the pantry was large enough. I really wanted to be able to walk in and have everything together. In the other two houses that we built, we had pantries with double doors. They were large but not large enough for what I wanted to do with it.

When I got out here I wanted to be able to preserve and water bath all glut that I could get my hands on. I also wanted to be able to store all my FV container, preserving bottles, lids as well as put my sausage maker and other large kitchen appliances. There was a time when there was a little too much weight sitting on some of the shelves so Russell cut some left over timber from another job and put the pieces in between the shelves as extra support. Works really well and has stopped the shelves from sagging.

I don't just have enough room to store those but also my ironing board as well. I made sure that we also got a power point installed so that I could even use the dehydrator if I needed to. To date I have not used it but do use the power point for when I iron. Nice and easy and close!

I love my pantry and really look forward to when it is even more fuller than what it is at the moment. My problem is though that when I preserve something, I then don't want to use it. Sort of defeats the purpose I know and am getting better at this as time goes on. Nice way to also have pressies ready at a short moments notice...

Cheers Damaris

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Ann at eightacresofeden said...

My pantry is narrow with deep shelves and we plan one day to have a much bigger pantry with shelves where everything is to hand and you do not have to pull out jars to reach items at the back. The power point is a good idea too. I have a dehydrator and my juicer, slow cooker and flour mill take up all my bench space, so I look forward to a bigger, better pantry!