Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Peg bag

My new peg bag...

About six months ago I started finding that my peg bag was starting to wear out. I usually would buy the ones that had the little white coat hangers on the top and were made out of cloth. I liked the opening and was very easy to reach in and grab what you needed. They come at a cost though. Being out here in this sunny, windy or cold weather I tended to go through them a bit.

Then I had an idea... Part of trying to do as much for ourselves as possible is to make things for yourself. I had some shade cloth left over from an old project from our last house and thought I could possibly use it as my new peg bag. It would be durable as it was shade cloth and also wash and wear better being out in the elements.

Got my sewing machine out the other day and grabbed an old coat hanger that I didn't need anymore and started cutting the shade cloth to size. The end result is in the picture above.

I am rather impressed with my first attempt. I sewed up three sides and then turned it inside out to finish off the last side on the sewing machine with the coat hanger already in there.

It now has a place of pride on the clothes line. It is rather heavy when full but the coat hanger and washing line take that pressure easily. I usually place it in the middle of the washing line so that it doesn't unbalance my clothesline.

I rather like it. It is here to stay. I also have enough leftovers of the shade cloth so I can make another one if the need arises.

Cheers Damaris

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