Friday, January 29, 2010

Australia Day fun...

Playing Cricket outside the pub...

We had spent the whole day home just the four of us. Was a Tuesday so as usual in the late afternoon I always clean out and top up water for the chooks and ducks as Wednesday is No Electricity Day which means I give the bore a break for one day.

Just about to finish and a friend calls from the local Maryvale Crown Hotel... What was I doing and why was I not down there celebrating Australia Day with them all... I was watering and about to go inside and enjoy the lovely dinner that Russell had cooked for us all. Arranged to go down for a drink after dinner instead. That kept the troops happy. :)

Went down with Joshua. One of this little friends was having their birthday the next day and Joshua had to go to his Pre Op appointment first up so he wanted to wish his friend Happy Birthday a little early.

Well we all ended up playing Cricket on the road in front of the pub. It was great fun. There were heaps of locals there and everyone had a go. Joshua asked me to have a go so I did. I even made contact with the ball twice... hehe

It was nice to spend time with everyone but also very nice to go home again as well. Once there we just kept doing our normal routine of shutting in the chooks and ducks and going to bed. The next day was the First day of School. That was very exciting indeed...

Cheers Damaris

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