Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh how they grow so quickly...

Keets and chicks as of today...

I was gone for one week at Straddie, all eleven chicks hatched while I was gone. No sorry, one did wait for me... hehe

The chicks and keets are all in together at the moment but will need separating soon enough. The container is not large enough to hold them all. There are five keets and eleven chicks in total. I have the light off during the day as they don't need the extra heat. At night Timothy is the first at night to turn the light back on.

They are certainly growing quickly... They go through allot of feed as well. The water is changed twice sometimes three times a day as they like to scratch up the woodshavings. So cute to watch them 'at work'.

I hope there are move chooks than roosters though. Next week I have to take another three bantam roosters. One of my Belgian's is getting a little of a beating from all the boys. Her feathers are sooo sad looking. Need that rectified for her.

I tried also unsuccessfully to get Chuck another Daisy last week but not one goose was for sale. Hope there is one there for him next week instead. Or maybe two???? Have another chook sitting on more eggs as well so will see in a couple of weeks how many that will bring us again...

Cheers Damaris

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