Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dream come true, literally...

My new stud. Happy girl...

At the Allora Show, February 2009, I met a lovely couple that had a stall at the show selling earrings, studs, you name it. The boys loved going to the stall for the Pokemon cards that they were so into at the time. Only $2.00 per packet where as in Big W or the like you pay around $6.00 for the same packet size.

It is the place where I get my nose studs from. I can't wear the normal ones that you get in the shops. The ones that have the bend at the end as the inside of my nose just swells up like anything and it gets rather sore. I get the ones that have the little ball at the end. That way my nose can really breathe and it doesn't fall out. I can't even feel it.

I know, Why on earth would I have a nose stud??? Well it is something that I have wanted for a long time. Just something that was different and it brings out the rebel in me. The one that says, hey this is me, like it or lump it. The rest of me is innocent really. lol

I had a golden sleeper in it for the P!NK concert in July last year but didn't have any of the rods to put back into it so have been wearing the sleeper since then. I had lost the other one when at the local pool. It dropped into the pool and there was no way to find it again... My dad keeps threatening to put a rope on it and lead me around... Yeah right!

Anyway, I had been after the rods forever, or so it seemed. I had searched everywhere. Every time I went to a Beauty, Piercing or Jewelery Shop I would ask if they had them. Each time the answer was NO. I had even had dreams of the couple selling me a whole heap to keep me going till the next time that I would see them. I seriously dreamt about them. How weird is that???

Last week I went to Warwick and what do you know... I found them at the main Shopping Centre. I bought 17 of them. All with lovely little stones in them. They are made out of surgical steel as well so will not rust or tarnish. I am soooo happy and have been wearing it ever since. The array of colours is lovely too. Didn't take any of the emerald coloured ones though. Not my colour and not what I wear so stuck to pinks, blues, clears. That sort of thing. Cheap as too. Glad I caught them as they are not going to Allora Show this year. They will be in Stanthorpe for their Show next weekend though...

Needless to say I have their business card and a detailed description of what I bought so that I can order over the net or phone from now on and never run out again. hehehe

Cheers Damaris

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