Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our latest Babies... Keets

Our five keets...

OK one more quick post as they will be so big in a week by the time I get back and wanted to show you our new babies... They are keets. Baby Guinea fowl.

When I bought Guineafus our male his three ladies, they laid five eggs within the first three days of being here. I knew that there were males at their previous home so turned them for two days and then set them in the incubator. Did the same as chook eggs, turning twice a day, sometimes even forgetting.

We put five eggs in there and guess what??? We got five keets out of it. Woohoo. 100% hatching. Never had that before, ever... We left them in the incubator till they were dry and moved the first four to their new home with the light, food and water. They are soooo skittish that we could not even catch them to show them how to feed and drink... They taught themselves thank goodness. The last one, the light coloured one was out two days later and a little wobbly when we first put it in with the others as they had found their feet already. But now they are all happy together and there is no picking on anyone at all.

They are lovely to watch. So cute. Don't look like their grown up Mums at all... That will come with time.

Cheers Damaris

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