Sunday, January 3, 2010

Square Foot Gardening update...

Zucchini plants taking over...
Corn not tall but already forming small cobs...

It has been a while since I have mentioned the garden bed so thought I would take that opportunity today... Went out there yesterday and took a couple of photos as we have had constant on and off rain here for the last three weeks.

I have not had to do any watering at all during that time... The rain has been doing that for me. It was not growing too crash hot at first off course as we were rather late in the season to be starting and the heat was right on us. There is off course also no shade at all as we have not bushes or trees as yet. So they were suffering a little.

Now, the zucchini has taken off, all three plants are huge and the veggies are coming on as well... The cherry tomatoes are starting to form after a huge load of flowers came and went. The corn has bolted and the plant is tiny but is already producing corn. I will not be planting this again. Too much water is needed for corn and the early heat in its life cycle stunted its growth. The carrots didn't survive as I mentioned before. The flowers I put in didn't fair well either. The rosemary was moved as it was in way too much shade from the zucchini plants. The rockmelon is still there and tentacles are coming so hopefully it will keep growing up and over the edge and spill over that way.

Lessons learnt: Well I will not be putting in three zucchini again... One maybe two and only one in each four squares. They need allot of room and being in that beautiful growing medium means that they are even bigger growers... I am in the process of emptying my freezers at the moment as I will be making allot of zucchini slice, meatballs with zucchini etc in a very short period of time. I was tempted to get the first one yesterday but left it as it could do with another day or two on the plant. In future I will plant a rosemary but not in the garden bed but rather near it so it has a chance to grow and attract the bees that are so needed for pollination. Corn will also not be grown. I am thinking about maze though as it freezes really well also for future use.

Russell and I are sitting down together so see which seeds of ours are still viable and what we need to order from Green Harvest to ensure that we have a great rate of germination in the new greenhouse too. Will be interesting how that all goes.

OK, so this is my last post until next Sunday. I am off to Straddie and will not have access to the Internet at all. I am going on respite with my two sisters which has been planned for over a year now so am really looking forward to it. So off I go and pack Brad (my car)... :)

Cheers Damaris

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