Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meeting the Candidates...

Some of the candiates on stage before addressing the audience...

Last night I went with Carly to the Warwick RSL to meet the candidates that are all going for one position in Southern Downs Regional Council. Bev Shelley has left due to illness which I am sad about as she was very effective in her position and very approachable.

Eight of the nine were there last night and all had three minutes each to give us reasons why we should vote for them in the postal vote that closes 30 January 2010. Then it was question time from the floor. Very good questions there were too. Some not so clever... It gave me a good overview of what they each believed in and how effectively they would be able to do the job.

Mind you there is only 18 months until the next election anyway. I just wish there was the opportunity to have more of a shake up than just one new position but a few more... We will have our chance I guess in 18 months. Until then we will see what happens.

I am glad I had the opportunity to go and am glad that the local 'Free Times' put it on. Onya mate!!!

Cheers Damaris

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And thank you Mrs Harrison!