Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love the toes...

Photo taken after my most recent Pedicure...

When I was on Straddie with my two sisters we all got some toe rings. Something I had wanted to do with them for a while now and was the perfect opportunity. :)

The silver bent very easily though so I wanted to find some 9ct gold ones that I could always wear and not worry about them falling off or changing shape.

Well at the moment our local Prouds has up to 50% off all their lines, including toe rings. They are refurbishing and will close down for a month from middle of February. I went in there to see what range they had and found two lovely ones. I love them to bits. And no longer worry about losing them. :) Added bonus. 1/2 price, you can't complain about that hey? Especially when it is my own pocket money. hehe

Cheers Damaris

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