Friday, January 22, 2010

Solar Electricity has Arrived...

My beautiful new panels...

Wednesday just gone was a very important day in our lives, well mine anyway... I always get really excited about these things... hehe

After all the researching, putting in for the quote and paperwork, waiting for the Government to approve my $8000, doing the 'over the phone' survey about placement of panels and getting the installers out here... It started back in April 2009 and as of 20 January 2010 I am the proud owner of a 1.1KwH Solar Electricity system. It is on my roof and working big time.

The installers got here just on 1:30pm and were finished with the whole job by 3:30pm. The roof was pleasure to work on apparently. Nice and easy. This also means that I am only out of pocket $300 in total and the panels are already making the Electricity Meter run backwards... Even though the panels ended up on the Western side of the house, due to Solar Hot Water panels taking up too much room on the Northern side, the panels are still doing their thing even at 8:15am which I find fantastic. Keep working babies - you have a long job ahead of you. hehe

Ergon now has to come out and install a new meter apparently so that they can tell exactly what my unit is producing and putting back into the grid. From now on I intend to do washing during the day when the solar is working as I might as well reduce my usage, seeing the meter running the opposite to normal and still getting clean clothes... Will try it out with cooking and baking as well. Love running out there and watching the meter. I know lame... But oh sooooo much fun... Doing my bit, that is how I look at it. And loving it. :)

Cheers Damaris

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