Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chicken and Leek Pie anyone???

Chicken and Leek Pie. Yum is all I can say. :)

Love it when Russell makes dinner and comes up with beauties like this one. He took two recipes and combined them last Sunday night. Was a fabulous way to finish a wonderful Mother's Day.

Timothy as seems the usual now... injured himself. At least not like last year's Mother's Day where he actually broke his arm completely through. No this time he took a kebab skua and pierced his little finger. Blood pouring out everywhere... didn't stop for 1/2 hour. Nearly made us miss our movie "How to train a Dragon". Boy oh boy... Told him next year I am tying him to a chair all day with nothing within reach. lol

This pie that Russell made was completely failsafe as well... :) It was soooo yum. Shame he got the leftovers for work during the week. Never mind. I will just have to put my order in for another one. :) hehe

Cheers Damaris

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