Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our last meal... with amines for now that is...

Wrap it up and down the hatch... lol

Russell made Burritos for dinner last night. Had iceberg lettuce, cheese, mince with shallots. It was so easy to prepare and make but oh so yummm.

We are going back to failsafe from tomorrow. There is a heap of Banana and choc chip ice cream we have to consume first... Russell made that yesterday too. :)

Then, once we are on an even keel I want to try amines again but differently this time. I will weigh the amounts of amines consumed by each of us. I will also do one at a time and not three at once. This way we may be reacting to bananas and not the cheese or pure cocoa. That sort of thing. Keep an exact diary not just a meal plan of what we have. I want to do this once and once only and therefore might as well do it right. :)

Here is hoping...

Cheers Damaris

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