Friday, May 21, 2010

It is getting colder...

Love the fireplace... with bowl of water on top to ensure dehydration is not a problem.

Joshua in charge of getting it roaring...

Last Sunday was our first fire for the season... Was so nice to have it and we have had it every night since except last night. Got home too late. On Wednesday night at about 7pm a huge truck went over the side of Cunningham's Gap and they had the recovery operation planned for 12noon to 4pm yesterday. Unfortunately I happen to have to dash to Brisbane yesterday and we ended up having to go home via Toowoomba. This meant we didn't get back in time for the kids to finish school but at 5:30pm instead. Luckily I had left overs from the night before and gave that to the boys.

Russell on the other hand sat at the base of the mountain for three hours and didn't get home till 10:00pm. Six hours from when he left work to come home, which usually only takes three hours... He was bushed when he got home so say the least.

We had some cold afternoons and nights but now the temperatures have crept back up to 6-9 degrees at night as there are clouds. We are expecting rain today and it has already been spitting ever so lightly this morning when I went to take our electricity readings.

Here is hoping we get heaps of rain. We could use it that's for sure... So as we get over the excitement of a fire each night and try to save as much of the wood that we have on our pile, we will be reducing when we actually light up... :)

Do love the fire going though and we are inside with shorts and T-shirts while the rest of the world outside is cold...

Cheers Damaris

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