Sunday, May 30, 2010

I know Winter is on it's way when...

Soothing cream for my hands. :)

For the last three weeks or so I have noticed a huge difference in my hands after doing dishes... They crack up and go all yuck. The other thing I find is that my fingers split. That is painful... Have allot of cream around the place during Winter for that reason. I am getting better with wearing gloves when doing dishes but have a way to go on the consistency bit... :)

So here is hoping that this Winter, with more cream and my new nightly ritual of creaming myself including elbows, knees and heels I won't suffer so much this year.

Another reason why when the fireplace is crackling up a storm I have a bowl of water on top all the time so that we don't get dehydrated...

Cheers Damaris

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