Thursday, July 15, 2010

First time for everything...

My first white sauce, EVER. :)

Last night I had a heap of chicken to use up... What to do, what to do... Didn't want to make Schnitzels as we just had that on the weekend... I decided to be very, very bold...

I made white sauce for the very first time EVER... Yep you heard right. I have never before made white sauce. How and why you ask??? Because I have a brilliant hubby that makes it better than anyone I have ever tasted... Why test perfection, I say. He came with 30 cookbooks, I came with 3. There, end of story. :)

He is awesome in the kitchen and I love to be there at the same time. A main reason our kitchen is as large as it is as I love it when we cook or bake up a storm together and still have plenty of space...

Anyway, back to the sauce... I didn't deviate from the recipe as Russell is known to do. I just made the straight white sauce, in Bimby off course. I was not tempting fate and doing it by hand. hehe

It was a huge success. Timothy said it was a 5/5 and that it tasted "Brilliant". He had a huge smile on his face. Joshua liked it also but I suspect he likes Russell's more. Never mind. Was certainly not a competition. I was just happy to be able to say that I did it, after all this time... :)

And to boot there are three meals for the freezer for Russell to enjoy when away during the week... He is coming home tonight, late but he is coming home. Can't wait to see him. :)

Cheers Damaris

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