Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Immediate Family from Yesteryear...

My immediate family...

I love my immediate family very much. They all have their own quirks and I love them all for them. My Mum and Dad I phone them each week to see how they are going in their own lives... I share mine.

My youngest sister Lis is up at Boigu Island for the second year so I ring her every week as well. The others, Markus, Tina and Chris I ring once a fortnight. I love the contact that I have with them. I get to also see what they are up to and feel included in their lives. I share what we are up to and they share their lives. I love it and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know that they are there, even if it is a phone call away...

This photo was the last official photo that my family had taken by a photographer just before we left Austria on 13 March 1983. I was 11 at the time and am on the right... Oh, I remember this soooo well. We were such good kids sitting there for the photographer. I also remember the photos being given out to people as a keepsake afterwards.

This Picture I got from my first visit back to Austria back in 1992. My Auntie Suzie gave it to me. It had hung for all that time on the wall of my Dad's Mum and Dad's place and they had passed away so when I went over it was given to me. I brought it home, had it framed and have had it displayed proudly ever since.

It evokes allot of good memories for me. I love it. :)

Cheers Damaris

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