Friday, July 23, 2010

Tannymorel Sports Day has arrived...

Joshua ready for a great day. :)

Joshua competing in the 800m running race...

Well today was the day!!! Joshua had trouble sleeping last night as he was just too excited. He wanted the Sports Day to be last night and not have to wait...

I took a couple of extras and we got to Yangan State School just before 8am. Boy was it cold... In the car it was lovely and warm but outside it was freezing... Russell poured heaps of water on my car windows in order to get rid of the thick layer of frost. Was lovely to see everything a tinge white. :)

We help set up the shade cover and Joshua got ready for his first race... 800m. He got 4th Place so did really well... There were only a handful of schools competing this year. The last two years we had more schools I am sure. One school only had 6 kids in their school... We didn't do much better at 14 but we sure gave it our best shot. :)

Joshua's end results were:

1st - Ball games
2nd - High jump - 1.06m
2nd - Long jump
2nd - 100m sprints.

Very proud of him. He did soooo well. Our school also got the overall points Shield as well. Well done everyone. :) You kids ROCK!!!

Cheers Damaris

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